Skilled Professional

"Service is invisible. Service process is not"

“Service is invisible. Service process is not.”

As a Healthcare Skilled professional have you been approached by healthcare providers for a request to your skills for as- and - when needed service? Most of the time these requests are from a known network through the ex- organisations or ex – colleagues. Since these requests are mostly through the network, the skills are better used and do not guarantee an earning.

Have you also wondered that there exists a market of paid Locum Healthcare workforce which is only Doctors and Nursing professionals! What if, the other skilled ancillary Healthcare workforce could also be made available on Locum?

The HealthCare Bridge is your answer to these questions. The platform aims to connect all skilled Healthcare Service Professionals to accelerate the availability of the workforce for as- and - when service requests. Our efforts align to strengthen the health care delivery system by being able to deploy sufficient numbers of trained professionals in the public clinics and other health facilities not adding up to their monthly Operational expense but employ the skills of the professionals through the platform on need basis i.e, Locum.

In order to be a part of The Healthcare Bridge family of skilled professionals you are required to follow the following simple steps:

  • Step1 Register:Register yourself as a skilled professional by selecting your experience in your specific skill set and your educational background.
  • Step2 Login:Once you register, you will receive an email on your registered id which shares your Login details. Please note this step is very important to make yourself searchable on the platform. Complete your profile and other elaborative details about your skills to create your Listing. Note : You can create multiple listings based on your skill set.
  • Step3 Verified:You will receive an email once your profile is verified. This verification means that you will be listed on any search by the hospital on the platform in your mentioned locations.

Every time a hospital / healthcare facility searches for your skill set in your mentioned locations and they select your profile and book the service, a service request number will be mailed and a service is raised for you. You are expected to attend that service at that particular schedule. At the end of month the service amount based on the service calls attended is transferred to your account.