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The Inception

A glimpse of how the journey started! Whether it’s a start-up or a legacy organization, businesses have to constantly evolve take hard decisions to sustain viability and continuity. With high operating costs and the constant pressure of optimising costs in Healthcare, Executive leadership scout for options and alternatives. The Healthcare Bridge was incorporated to provide such alternatives to the healthcare industry.

If medical fraternity is the backbone and the main driving force behind healthcare industry, the support services are the central nervous system which balances the entire medical ecosystem. According to the April 2020 study of “WHO – The Healthcare Workforce in India” study suggests that we have 19 lakh hospital beds, 95thousand ICU beds and 48thousand ventilators. However, the density of population of Doctors is 79.7 per lakh population. In fact India ranks much below the WHO minimum standard of 22.8 healthcare work force per 10,000 population at only 3.8 million as total healthcare workforce.

The Healthcare Bridge started as a small hashtag (#thehealthcarebridge) on LinkedIn and Facebook, objective was to connect jobless Healthcare workforce with opportunities available throughout the country. The hashtag worked and attracted many people which led to further discussions - the Healthcare model of India, which is to effectively connect this skilled workforce , many of whom have relocated to their native places and are unable to generate a sustainable income for their families, to the massive Indian healthcare industry.

The Healthcare Bridge is aiming to bridge this gap by professionally integrating and managing the entire Indian medical ecosystem.

About Us - The Healthcare Bridge

About us

We are bunch of passionate Healthcare delivery professionals with more than one and half decade of experience in Healthcare Management space. With experience in working in diverse Indian regional settings from the grass root level. We collectively want to leverage our experience to connect the healthcare service experience “Be the Bridge”.

The Healthcare Bridge is a platform which provides equal opportunity of healthcare service both to service seeking organizations and the skilled professionals.